Audio: Texas ARES NCS rejects Australian storm chaser

Yaesu FT-8900 dual-band amateur radio transceiver tuned to 146.94 MHz and 147.255 MHzIn an earlier blog post, I reported that the owners of a Texas ham radio repeater prohibit use of the system by licensed amateur radio operators who are not members of the local Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) group when an ARES storm spotter net is in session.

My blog post was based on a newspaper article about the net shooing off a ham who wanted to check in.

Below is an audio clip of an exchange between Australian storm chaser Daniel Shaw, VK2FSRV and net control station operator Jerry R. Stanford, KD5INN. Listen and decide for yourself what you think of this exchange. I welcome your comments, especially regarding whether your local SKYWARN net prohibits check-ins by outsiders and why or why not.

One thought on “Audio: Texas ARES NCS rejects Australian storm chaser”

  1. I had a simular situation when i was just getting going in ham radio where my local EMA’s “skywarn” team kicked me off the repeater when i was trying to report a confirmed tornado on the ground that directly hit my neighborhood the again kicked me off when i tried to break in after the tornado with injuries and fires caused by said tornado the only option was the repeater as phone and power lines were taken out in the area shortly after this the entire group was disbanded and the EMA director was fired

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