Slight risk of severe weather tomorrow in extreme western Ind., much of Ill.

Day 2 convective outlook map
Risk of severe weather between 8 a.m. EDT Thursday and 8 a.m. EDT Friday. Yellow area: Slight risk. Green area: Thunderstorms forecast but none expected to be severe. Unshaded area: No thunderstorms forecast. Source: SPC “Day 2 Convective Outlook,” 1:16 p.m. EDT. Note: This is a cropped version of the original map, to highlight Indiana and Illinois. Other states to the south are also affected. View the full map.

Areas along the western edge of Indiana have a slight risk of severe weather between 8 a.m. EDT tomorrow and 8 a.m. EDT Friday, according the “Day 2 Convective Outlook” that the National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center (SPC)  issued at 1:16 p.m. EDT. The slight risk area also includes most of Illinois and parts of several other nearby states to the west and south.

The greatest threat in the slight risk area is damaging straight-line thunderstorms winds of 58 mph or stronger, from a squall line that forecasters expect will develop tomorrow afternoon.

The SPC will update its outlook for tomorrow when it issues the first of several “Day 1 Convective Outlooks” at around 1  a.m.


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