Guest blog: Valuable resources for weather historians

1957 weather map
Daily Weather Map from 1957

Guest post by Michael Lewis, KG4KJQ
National Weather Service, Northern Indiana

When I was the science and operations officer in Jackson, Ken. and as the meteorologist in charge in Hastings, Neb., I used to do all kinds of digging through the historic archives for “significant” weather events.

You might find this interesting and there may be others who would as well. This is a must have for every history buff.

U.S. Daily Weather Maps
Publication History

The U.S. Signal Office began publishing weather maps as the War Department Maps on Jan. 1, 1871. When the meteorological activities of the Signal Corps were transferred to the newly-created Weather Bureau in 1891, the title of the weather map changed to the Department of Agriculture Weather Map. In 1913, the title became simply Daily Weather Map. In 1969, the Weather Bureau began publishing a weekly compilation of daily maps with the title Daily Weather Maps (Weekly series).

These maps can be downloaded from the NOAA Central Library:

To view/print the maps requires the installation of a free browser plug-in.

Michael Lewis, KG4KJQ is warning coordination meteorologist at the northern Indiana forecast office of National Weather Service, Syracuse, Ind.