Snow crews work around the clock at Fort Wayne International Airport

Snow removal equipment on an airport runway. News-Sentinel photo
Snow removal equipment on a Fort Wayne International Airport runway. (News-Sentinel photo)

Craig Williams, Director of Operations & Facilities, was managing the snow removal crew Wednesday morning at Fort Wayne International Airport.

Using two radios, one for the tower, and one for his crew, he managed to keep his men working and still allow aircraft to come and go. Two long radio cords stretched across his leg to his lap where two identical radio mikes for transmitting and receiving rested.

“I already called the wrong radio twice,” Williams said with a laugh.

All joking aside what the crew was doing is serious business, they were working on keeping the runways open. The crew, whose shift started at 3 a.m., was using three snowplows, three brushes and two blowers. In a staggered formation, snowplow, brush, snowplow, brush, snowplow, brush, they roared up and down the landing strips.

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