Shelves bare at the Associated Churches Neighborhood Food Network warehouse

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Urgent Request for Food Donations!

Shelves are Bare at the Associated Churches Neighborhood Food Network Warehouse
FORT WAYNE, IN (January 29, 2014) -Associated Churches Neighborhood Food Network is asking for donations as the food supply is running drastically low and the demand is higher than ever. 
“We are in dire straits. Simply put, we are without food to share with those in need. We need your help,” said Pastor Fred Meuter, Director of Church Relations for Associated Churches of Fort Wayne and Allen County. “I will be contacting area churches in the days ahead to ask them to give us the food we need. If you can bring a bag of canned and dry goods to our main office that would be a true blessing. Our need is dire at this time. We really need the help of the community.”
The need to provide emergency food relief is greater than ever. An average of about 3,000 Allen County families access the Neighborhood Food Network per month. 
“We are a community together for the greater good, and the need in our community is greater than ever,” said Roger Reece, Executive Pastor at Associated Churches of Fort Wayne & Allen County. “Feeding the hungry is a command made repeatedly in scripture, and we take that command very seriously. Fulfilling this command is made possible through the collaboration of our churches, volunteers, business partners, and the grace of God. Please consider how you can help with this great need of feeding the hungry in our community right now.”   
Throughout the year, the Neighborhood Food Network depends on the donations of food and money to keep fulfilling its mission to feed the hungry.  Last year, there was a decrease in overall donations. 
“While we realize you are also feeling the effects of this economy, your contribution, no matter how small, makes an enormous difference to those people who need the help of the Neighborhood Food Network. Please consider helping us continue to provide for those.”
Non-perishable canned and dry goods may be dropped off at the Associated Churches warehouse at 602 East Wayne Street. Monetary donations are also accepted and can be made online at www.AssociatedChurches.Org.
“We encourage the media to come to our warehouse and see the empty shelves,” Meuter said. “We need to get the word out to the community that we need their help.”
For further information, contact Pastor Fred Meuter at 260-422-3528 ext. 101 or Roger Reece at 260-422-3528 ext. 102. 
About Associated Churches Neighborhood Food Network:
This ministry is made up of 28 food pantries located throughout Fort Wayne and Allen County and focuses on feeding all who are hungry ion our community. The pantries are located in neighborhoods or small towns and offer visitors a 5-day supply of balanced meals once a month.