Don’t be deceived! Road are worse than they might look

A situation update from the Facebook page of the Indiana Department of Transportation, Northeast district:

Winter weather update #2 for 1-7-14:

The message of the moment is LOOKS CAN BE DECEIVING. Sunny weather and roads free from loose snow may give drivers the impression that conditions are better than they actually are. But since salt is less effective in these subzero temperatures, a sheet of ice should be expected on ALL ROADS across Northeast Indiana. Again, any road you travel on will be EXTREMELY SLICK. And these conditions will likely continue through tomorrow, when temperatures are expected rise, allowing us to break up that hard-pack snow and ice.

Please, if you have to be on the roads, pack your winter survival kit. Take it slow. Don’t tailgate. Give yourself plenty of time. We don’t want you sliding off the roads, or worse. We truly want you to be safe. And ultimately, these roads aren’t safe, despite our best efforts.

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