Meeting to help Fort Wayne-area Christians prepare for disasters

Associated Churches Active in Disaster (ACAD), a ministry of Associated Churches of Fort Wayne and Allen County, plans an informational meeting to help local congregations and their members learn ways they can prepare for and participate in disaster response:

Wednesday, Sep. 25, 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.
First Presbyterian Church
300 West Wayne Street
Fort Wayne

ACAD logo

At the meeting, people can learn about ACAD and its plans to provide ways for congregations and individuals to engage in first-hand assistance to the victims of future disasters that are within reasonable travel distance of Fort Wayne. Past events that are good examples of the kinds of situations in which ACAD could be involved include:

  • The 2013 flash flood in eastern Fort Wayne.
  • The 2013 tornado in Moore, Okla.
  • The 2012 derecho thunderstorm in Fort Wayne.
  • The 2012 tornado in Henryville, Ind.
  • The 2011 tornado in Joplin, Mo.

“Christians are usually among the first to arrive at a disaster scene and the last to leave,” said Roger Reece, Executive Pastor of Associated Churches. Disaster response is a special form of Christian ministry that serves people who find themselves in great need, suddenly. Some congregations already have disaster ministry teams, with which ACAD hopes to partner. Other congregations might be too small to field teams of their own. For their members, ACAD plans to create its own, multi-congregation teams.

ACAD hopes representatives of many congregations, including those that already have disaster ministries, will attend the Sep. 25 meeting. The ministry is lead by Associated Churches staff members, representatives of local government, including the Allen County Department of Homeland Security and members of member congregations who have experience and/or interest in disaster response.

For more information, see a news release issued by Associated Churches.