Update: Donations for flood victims

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See an important update to this story.

Donations of supplies are coming into Associated Churches for people affected by the June 1 flash flood in Fort Wayne. There are now two sites where you can drop off the supplies listed below:

  • Associated Churches, 602 E. Wayne St.
  • HearCare Audiology, 5933 E. State St.

Associated Churches is accepting donations of the items listed below, or money that can be used to buy such items. Checks should be made payable to “Associated Churches.” Every penny of money collected will go directly to the benefit of flood victims. Associated Churches is not accepting donations of clothing, furniture or other items not listed below. The only exception is that Associated Churches always accepts food items for its food pantry ministry. Donations of food go to any family in need — recipients of donated food are not limited to flood victims.

Here’s what Associate Churches is collecting:

  • Bleach – 110 gallons
  • Cleaning Gloves – 110 pairs
  • Sponges – 110 sponges
  • Laundry Detergent – 110 gallons
  • Dryer Sheets – 55 boxes
  • Dish soap – 55 bottles

Items will be distributed through the American Red Cross, which is assisting families affected by the flood. Any family who needs help should contact the Red Cross first as some agencies require a referral from the Red Cross.