National Weather Podcast Month

March is National Weather Podcast Month. View a news release about the event. A list of participating podcasts appears below, with links to more information about each. Also, check out a schedule of podcast episodes during National Weather Podcast Month.

Carolina Weather Group

The Carolina Weather Group is a weekly Web show that covers weather, science, technology and more for the North Carolina and South Carolina as well as other areas in the Southeast. Learn more.

Ice Station Housman

Ice Station Housman is a show all about the weather – what causes it, what effect it has on us puny humans, and what we can do to improve the weather and/or our reaction to it. Learn more.

Storm Front Freaks Podcast

Storm Front Freaks is an eclectic team of amateur and professional storm enthusiasts from various backgrounds hosting exciting guests from the weather industry. Learn more.

Tornadoes + History + Storytelling = The Tornado Talk Podcast

Tornado Talk aims to tell the story of tornado events from the past from the perspective of meteorologists, storm chasers and survivors. We also tackle some of the more talked about tornado topics of today and interview experts. Learn more.

The Weather Junkies

Tyler Jankoski is a broadcast meteorologist communicating the forecast on daily basis. Dakota Smith is a atmospheric science graduate student studying the carbon cycle. Join them every Thursday for their conversations on various topics in the weather and climate enterprise. Learn more.

WeatherBrains – The Weekly Netcast That’s All About the Weather

WeatherBrains is the original weather podcast. Now in its twelfth year, WeatherBrains has nearly 600 episodes in the can. Founded by host James Spann, the show features a group of panelists of government meteorologists, corporate meteorologists, broadcasters and academicians. Learn more.

Weather Hype: A Podcast for Casual Weather Conversation

Weather Hype is a podcast started by two besties who love weather and its connections to people every single day. Learn more.

What Is It About The Weather?

We explore the various ways weather is intertwined into and impacts our lives. Weather itself is interesting and amazing, but what can be even more fascinating and intriguing is how much influence it actually has in our lives. Learn more.

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