Trees downed in northern Fort Wayne during yesterday’s storm

I always tell people, “Don’t ignore severe thunderstorm warnings!” Yesterday’s tree and power line damage in northern Fort Wayne provide a good example of why. Here are some tweets:

Power lines are down around the region. This picture was taken near Coliseum and Anthony Blvd in Fort Wayne.
— Audra Streetman WFFT (@audrastreetman) June 18, 2014

More storm damage – this time near Coliseum and Hobson in Fort Wayne. Several trees knocked down.
— Audra Streetman WFFT (@audrastreetman) June 18, 2014

@NWSIWX @weatherjesse pulling on to ipfw this morning dodging around tree limbs and a tree
— Austin Carson (@StormTracker29) June 19, 2014