Fort Wayne disaster ministry monitoring blizzard for possible response

ACAD logoAssociated Churches Active in Disaster (ACAD, the disaster ministry of Associated Churches of Fort Wayne and Allen County) is monitoring the situation in the U.S. Northeast, where a major blizzard is underway.

ACAD is in communication with Operation Blessing, a national disaster ministry organization that coordinates the response of disaster volunteers. Operation Blessing positioned an advance team in New Jersey and is prepared to respond with food distribution and snow removal relief efforts. Operation Blessing is not at this time requesting volunteer assistance but could do so in the future, when the impact of the storm and resulting needs of affected communities become known.

ACAD is NOT asking local churches for any kind of assistance at this time, except for prayers for those in the path of the storm. Please do NOT reach out to ACAD or the Associated Churches office with offers of assistance until and unless requested.

ACAD will use social media (such as its Facebook page and Twitter account) and other channels, as appropriate, to keep local churches informed of the situation.

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