IDHS encourages Hoosiers to check on neighbors

Photo of icicles with words "dangerous cold" superimposedThe Indiana Department of Homeland Security (IDHS) is encouraging Hoosiers to check on their neighbors, especially those who may be elderly or have special or functional needs.

IDHS issued a news release on the topic this afternoon.

“We all need help every now and then,” said John Erickson, IDHS director of public information in the news release. “Take some time to check on your neighbors.”

IDHS suggests calling first to confirm the neighbor is comfortable with receiving a visit. The department’s also offered other suggestions, including:

Meanwhile, a Wind Chill Warning continues this afternoon, tonight and tomorrow morning for much of northern Indiana. According to the National Weather Service, meteorologists expect prolonged, dangerous wind chill temperatures of -15 to -30 Fahrenheit through midday tomorrow. The combination of wind and cold could cause frostbite within minutes on any exposed skin.

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