NWS Enhanced Data Display provides multitude of options

NWS EDD screen grabThe National Weather Service (NWS) has a tool called the “Enhanced Data Display” (EDD) that you might not have seen, because officially, it’s in an experimental stage. But the tool is available for public use and offers a vast array of options to displaying NWS data over a Google Map.

One valuable use of EDD is to learn about weather issues that might exist along the route of a road trip you’re planning. This is especially valuable during winter weather, as it can help you decide when (or whether) to depart on your trip.

But travel weather is just one of many features of EDD. And because EDD has so many features, I found it just a little difficult to learn by playing with its user interface.

So, if you have an hour and a quarter to kill, the NWS has produced a very verbose video demonstration of EDD’s many functions and features. To be honest, I have not yet viewed the entire demo yet but I did preview it. Very interesting, if time consuming!

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