Severe weather no longer expected in Northern Indiana today

Day 1 convective outlook map
Yellow area: Slight risk of severe weather. Green: Thunderstorms possible but severe weather not expected.

Meteorologists no longer expect severe weather in northern Indiana, northwestern Ohio or southern Lower Michigan between 12:30 p.m. EDT today and 8 a.m. EDT tomorrow, according to the updated “Day 1 Convective Outlook” that the National Weather Service (NWS) Storm Prediction Center issued at 12:28 p.m. EDT.

As you can see on the map above, no part of the county warning area (CWA) of the northern Indiana NWS office falls in the slight risk area. Approximately the southern half of Indiana, however, has a slight risk of severe weather during the period, as do parts of Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New York.

Mesoscale disussion mapIn fact, at 12:37 p.m. EDT, the SPC issued a “Mesoscale Discussion” in which it indicated it would likely issue a weather watch for part of the slight risk area, as you can see on the map above.

Taking a look ahead, convective outlooks for the next eight days indicate no risk of severe weather in the NWS Northern Indiana CWA.

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