New Quadrant 2 Net Control Station

Photo of Steve Haxby, N9MEL
Steve Haxby, N9MEL. KU8T photo

Steve Haxby, N9MEL is now an official net control station operator for the IMO SKYWARN quadrant two net on the ACARTS 146.88 MHz repeater. Steve has maintained his official NWS spotter training and is well acquainted with public safety work, having retired from the Allen County Police Department. If you hear him take a shift, please congratulate him and welcome him to the position. As a reminder, should the 146.88 MHz demonstrate performance issues during SKYWARN operations, SKYWARN will move to the FWRC 146.76 MHz repeater. Also, keep in mind that our net in Fort Wayne simultaneously serves as an Allen County (Ind.) net and a quadrant net, serving 11 counties. See a map of IMO SKYWARN quadrants.